Remote Subscription FAQ

1. Are there any cheaper plans? The price is too steep for me.

While the service cost may look hefty to some, SuperFit Remote is confidently priced under market value in comparison with competitors like TeamBuildr, TrueCoach and TrainHeroic. I believe there should be no cap on private online clients trained, or purchases made for your workout plans. Alternative services apply a metered usage pricing model; that is, the more athletes on your plan, the more premium your subscription must be.

2. What is your pricing based on?

Instead, Remote sets its pricing based on the cost of features and manual work provided. Basically, if the cost of providing a feature to you is small on our end, we'll give that feature to the cheapest paid plan. For example, video calling and high-speed transcoded video (videos that stream as quickly as your device and internet can currently handle) are relatively expensive costs. Not every professional needs those luxuries in coaching, so they are appropriately on our premium plan.

3. Can I get a refund on any paid plans?

Unfortunately, I really cannot do that. Aside from any special circumstances, I can't offer a refund because your published training plan and private online coaching sessions uses our computing resources even after canceling, such as video and data storage. I feel confident that our free plan offers a tremendous value, mainly to help professionals try before they buy!

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